Roulette Betting Options

The Row

Betting on a row will get you chances of winning the combination numbers regarding which row your placing your bet in. Typically the first row consists of one to three, second is four to six and so on until 33.

The Column

The column betting is where you place your bet in the selected column. If one of the number within that column is drawn by the spin, then you win. You will be paid two is to one, or regarding what kind of rules the casino implements.


Placing your bet on the even means that you are selecting all the numbers which are coming out from the even numbers. Doesn’t matter what kind of number as long as it’s even.


Placing your bet on the odd means your looking forward to win the numbers which are odd. Again, it doesn’t matter what kind of number they are as long they are odd.

The Black and Red

Black and red betting means that you are selecting neither one of the black or red numbers. It doesn’t matter what the value, as long as it indicates the color you are betting with.

The Inside Bets

Inside bets are the bets placed by players on selected numbers. This maybe the four corner inside betting or the other combinations where several numbers are involved regarding the way how you place your bets.